I just created an account, what now?

Congratulations and welcome on Pryv. Before arriving to your account you'll see a few slides describing what Pryv is as well as Christine's account. With Christine you'll see a great deal of what Pryv is about.

You will then have the choice between adding your own content (pictures, notes or position) or adding an app of your choosing.


We are now going to see how to add your content, as there will be a dedicated article for each app connexion. First you will need to click on the "add content" button. It's located on your top left screen.

By clicking on "add content" you will open the following window. From here you can choose between adding a note, a picture or a location or even upload a CSV file.


Once you've added your content you'll need to choose the stream in which you want the content to be. Your streams will appear on the right of your window, just click on one to choose it or to open the substream creation menu. If you decide to create a new stream your content will be imported in it at the same time as the stream will be create.


When this is done simply enjoy the visualization of your content and why not share it with friends?


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