How can I share content?

Pryv allows you to share content with friends or relatives whether or not they have a Pryv account, by giving them access to a selected set of streams (i.e. a slice of life).

To share a slice of life, open the left panel (), select the desired streams (checking the corresponding content in the view that updates in real time), then choose Share a slice. You can then enter a name to identify that shared slice, change access permissions if needed (more on that below), double-check the streams you're sharing, and after you've confirmed (with the Share button) share the link on Twitter, Facebook or with an e-mail.


What is actually shared?

In Pryv you don't share individual content items (like a picture, a note, etc.), you share streams of content. People you've shared with will then be able to access all the content in those selected streams, including past and new content (updated in real time), with even the ability to contribute if you choose so. You can see for yourself what a shared slice can look like by opening Christine's sharing.


About permissions

There are 3 levels of permissions:

  • Allow read only: people you share with can only view the content
  • Allow contributing content: people can also add and edit content (pictures, notes, etc.)
  • Allow managing content and streams: people can contribute but also add, edit and delete sub-streams


Your feedback

Feel free to tell us what you use sharing for (or suggest other ways you'd like to share content) in the comments. We're looking forward to it.

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