What about Android?

We are fully aware of the growing number of Android users and we will deliver Pryv for Android as soon as possible. We plan that to be by the end the year.

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    Daniel Persson

    The growing number is over 75 % Android users or something like that. So it's good that you're working on an Android solution although one would already expect it by now. The end of the year seems a little slow for such a large user base. It can result in losing users to similar apps if you're unlucky. Look at Springpad for example, they just went under and one guess would be that Evernote owned them on our platform. I hope your plan gets us an app a little earlier, but good luck anyway! It's good that you recognize the need for it anyway, that's for sure.

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    Adrien Dubois Ahlqvist

    Thanks for the feedback, believe us we are aware of the issue, I personally suffer not to have one on my galaxy as well... We are starting to work on one but it's hard to give a release date as the moment but be sure we'll keep you updated!

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    Chris from Cologne

    ... and now we have 2016 ... dont you see how much people use android (and some 10% Windowsphone here

    Only 20% uses Iphones now and this is why no more get know of this nice app 

    Its absolute easy to convert 

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